Core Legal Services

McLeans Lawyers specializes in municipal affairs, banking litigation, land use, real estate (including condominiums), and employment law. From their offices in Ottawa and North Bay, McLeans represents clients in:

  • land development – valuation, land use, expropriation, environmental
  • real estate – buying and selling, condominium, commercial and residential
  • bank litigation – supervising both domestic and international cases
  • professional malpractice – representing lawyers, dentists, doctors, accountants, engineers, architects etc. before their disciplinary bodies
  • employment – labour relations, representing both management and employees in arbitration and in court
  • civil litigation and criminal law – representing in both arbitration and in court

Locally, nationally and internationally, McLeans has successfully represented clients before the Ontario Municipal Board, Ontario Divisional Court, Ontario Court of Justice, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Ontario Court of Appeal andSupreme Court of Canada, and has coordinated legal services in the United Kingdom, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, France and India.

Expanded Expertise

With their associates at Rogerson Law, McLeans brings an expanded set of legal competencies to Ottawa and northern Ontario, including:

  • cross-border litigation
  • asset protection – offshore banking, trusts and companies
  • bankruptcy
  • estate litigation
  • immigration to Canada
  • estate planning – wills, trusts & estates, taxation
  • shareholder and partnership agreements
  • real estate closings – purchase, sale and refinancing
  • probate – administration of deceased estates, advising executors
  • professional malpractice – representation at disciplinary tribunals
  • family law – property litigation, child protection and welfare, divorce
  • criminal defence
  • tax litigation
  • employment & labour – arbitration and court, including wrongful dismissal